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Message from the Chairman

Yoo Seok-yeon

Paju City Council Han Yang-soo

Welcome to the official website of Paju City Council.


This is the Chairman of the second half of the 7th Paju City Council, Han Yang-soo.

I would like to welcome all who have come to visit the online communication space of the Paju City Council.

Amid the hopes of the citizens, the 7th Paju City Council has already completed the first half and is beginning the second half.

The Paju Council members, including myself, will carefully listen to each and every word of our citizens and cry and laugh along with the hearts of the citizens.

We will resolve conflict within the community by sharing honest stories with our citizens and try to solve problems through ample consultation and cooperation.

As people have different appearances and cultures, we may compare ourselves with other cities, councils, and citizens, but we will become a council that recognizes and respects the unique differences of each situation.
The Paju City Council promises to become a council that is trusted by the Paju citizens by researching, suggesting alternatives, and finding solutions.

We kindly ask for your unwavering interest and love of the Paju City Council,
and we hope for your well-being and happiness.
Thank you.

Paju City Council Chairman, Han Yang-soo