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History of the Council

Frist Paju District Council

  • 1952.04.25 April 25th 1952 1st election for CityㆍEupㆍMyeunㆍProvincial Council member (Paju district excluded)
  • 1956.08.08 August 8th 1956 First myeun council in Paju district formed according to the 2nd Provincial Council election (128 members)
  • 1960.12.19 December 19th 1960 2nd myeun council in Paju district formed according to the 3rd Provincial Council election (128 members)
  • 1961.05.16 May 16th 1961 Provincial Council dissolved due to 5.16 Military Revolution Founding Paju District Council

Founding Paju District Council

  • 1990.12.31 December 31st 1990 Local government revived in 30 years with the 8th AmendmentㆍProclamation of the Local Government Act
  • 1991.03.26 March 26th 1991 Election for the founding Paju District Council members executed
  • 1991.04.15 April 15th 1991 Opening of the founding Paju District Council (14 members)

2nd Paju District Council

  • 1995.06.27 June 27th 1995 1st National Simultaneous Local Election (Head of Province, City, District, Borough and council members)
  • 1995.07.11 July 11th 1995 Opening of 2nd Paju District Council (14 members)

Founding Paju City Council

  • 1996.03.01 March 1st 1996 Raised to the status of UrbanㆍRural Complex Paju City leading to the opening of the founding Paju City Council (14 members)

2nd Paju City Council

  • 1998.06.04 June 4th 1998 2nd National Simultaneous Local Election
  • 1998.07.07 July 7th 1998 Opening of 2nd Paju City Council (13 members)

5th Paju City Council

  • 2010.06.02 June 2nd 2010 5th National Simultaneous Local Election
  • 2010.07.01 July 1st 2010 Election for Chairman and Vice Chairman for the first half year in the 5th Paju City Council (Original composition)
  • 2010.07.01 July 1st 2010 Opening of 5th Paju City Council (11 members)

6th Paju City Council

  • 2014.06.04 The 6th national simultaneous local election
  • 2014.07.01 Election of the chairman and vice-chairman for the 1st half of the 6th Session of the Paju City Assembly (composition of floor negotiation groups)
  • 2014.07.01 Opening of the 6th Session of the Paju City Assembly (14 members)

The 7th Paju City Council

On June 13, 2018, the nationwide 7th local election took place and the Paju City Council had 14 elected councilors.
In terms of Districts, 3 from Ga Electoral District (Gyoha, Tanhyun, Unjeong 3-dong), 3 from Na Electoral District (Jori, Gwangtan, Unjeong 1,2-dong), 3 from Da Electoral District (Paju, Wollong, Geumchon 1,2,3-dong), 3 from Ra Electoral District (Munsan, Beobwon, Papyeong, Jeokseong, Kunne, Jindong) and 2 proportional representations were elected.
The 7th Paju City Council finished selecting its members for the first half of the term with councilor Son Bae-chan as the Chairman, councilor Ahn Myeong-kyu as the Vice-Chairman and began its legislative activity on July 2, 2018.
Later on July 1,, 2020, the council chose councilor Han Yang-soo as the Chairman and Cho In-yeon as the Vice-Chairman for the second half of the term. On the same day, the City Council had an opening ceremony and continued its legislative activity.