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Organization of the Council

Paju City Council has total 14 councilors, 12 councilors from 4 electoral districts and 2 proportional representatives and its term of office is 4 years.
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Status of election districts

  • Election district Ga Gyoha-dong, Unjeong 3-dong, Tanhyeon-myeun : 3 people
  • Election district Na Jori-eup, Gwangtan-myeon, Unjeong 1-dong , Unjeong 2-dong : 3 people
  • Election district Da Paju-eup, Wollong-myeon, Geumchon 1-dong, Geumchon 2-dong, Geumchon 3-dong : 3 people
  • Election district RaMunsan-eup, Beobwon-eup, Papyeong-myeun, Jeokseong-myeun, Gunnae-myeon, Jindong-myeon : 3 people
Administration district changes as of July 25th 2011
  • Gyoha-eup : Gyoha-dong, Unjeong 1-dong, Unjeong 2-dong, Unjeong 3-dong
  • Geumchon-dong : Geumchon 1-dong, Geumchon 2-dong, Geumchon 3-dong

Original composition of second half year in 7th Paju City Council : July 1st 2020

  • Number of members :Quota 14 people, currently 14 people
  • Chairman and Vice Chairman : 1 Chairman, 1 Vice Chairman, 3 permanent power of attorney

Chairman, Vice Chairman

The council is headed by 1 chairman and 1 vice chairman elected by secret ballot among the members. The chairman represents the council, chairs meetings and supervises the office works within the council. The vice chairman assists the chairman and executes the works of the chairman by proxy in case the chairman is unable to perform the duties if the chairman has an accident. The term of the chairman and the vice chairman is 2 years respectively.